Friday Favs

Who am I?! Two blog posts in the same week?! A very long time ago, when I kept up with my blog I made a post that said I would do a weekly “Friday Favorites” post. That series lasted one Friday and then it never happened again. Oops. Well I am not making any promises that I will do this weekly, but I have so many new things in my life that I am obsessed with and feel the need to share with the world. This week is mainly focused on skin care because I am new to all of this and it has been life changing.

My entire life growing up I never washed my face. I would wear a full face of makeup and go right to bed. The only time it would come off would be when I’d take a shower the next morning. Even then I had never used a moisturizer or any type of serum or cream. The most in depth I was with my skin care routine was if my face broke out I’d slap some toothpaste on a pimple. When I was 16 I read that’s what you should do in Cosmopolitan magazine, it didn’t work but I felt like I was doing my part taking care of myself. Anyways, I used to subscribe to two different beauty boxes so I have tons of moisturizers and cleansers that were never opened. I decided one day I needed to start taking care of my skin or else I would need botox when I’m 30. I have been doing the same routine every morning and night for about two months and my skin is glowing (toot toot). I noticed a change instantly the first week, and I will never go back to the dark side of not washing my face.

First and foremost, the most amazing thing to happen to my skin was the Clarisonic. This thing is good, like reeeally good. It makes my face so soft and gets off all the dirt and dead skin. The Clarisonic was the reason I got into this skincare hype, I tried it and realized I couldn’t live without it. I have the Mia 2, but if I ever need to buy it again I would go with the Mia 1 because I don’t have sensitive skin, and I don’t use the sensitive option on the 2. Plus the Mia 1 is almost half the cost. I use it every night before bed, and I’m serious, I don’t want to picture my life without it. Clarisonic Mia 2

clarisonic mia 2

I use a cleansing gel every night, I put it directly onto the brush on the Clarisonic. It’s a soapless cleanser called Eau Thermale Avene Cleanance gel. It smells so good, and it doesn’t dry or irritate the skin. I’ve tried a few different cleansers and while I like several of them, this one is my favorite. eau thermale cleanance gel

cleanance gel

After using the cleansing gel I use my favorite night time moisturizer which is eco-beauty good night, night cream. It is super hydrating and again, my face is so soft every morning when I wake up. eco-beauty night cream

eco beauty night cream

I also use an eye cream every night. The one I use is restorsea revitalizing eye cream. It’s super thick and kind of heavy, but I feel like most are. Sometimes I put on too much and it gets in my eyes and I feel blind for a little while, but I think that is user error. I still have the beginning stages of crows feet but the skin around my eyes looks more plump and moisturized. Restorsea eye cream

restorsea eye cream

Hands down my favorite moisturizer is Juice Beauty green apple age defy moisturizer. I use it every morning and it makes my skin feel sooo good. A little bit of this stuff goes a long way too. It smells really good, and my face looks so fresh after I put it on. juice beauty moisturizer

juice beauty moisturizer

That pretty much sums it up. I won’t judge you if you don’t wash your face, but holy smokes, give it a whirl. It only took me 27 years but I’m hooked. I’m also hooked on my electric toothbrush and my mouth guard I wear every night but I’ll save that for another time. All of these products (minus the clarisonic) I had from subscribing to beauty boxes. If you aren’t sure what’s right for you, beauty subscriptions are a great way to try out a ton of different/new products until you find what you like. I did Ipsy and Allure beauty box, they were both awesome and I was able to try hundreds of new products until I found what I liked.


Friday Faves!

Oh, hello beloved Friday, how I’ve missed you! Time to pour some wine, stay up late and sleep in on the weekend. Just kidding, what’s sleeping in? I will however pop open some wine and soak up the last bits of summer once bedtime rolls around for the babe.

I was inspired by my girlfriend and fellow blogger Rachel from petals and quill to start a Friday Favorites post. I have about a million things at any given time that I obsess over so I figured I will share my current favorites each week! There’s no rhyme or reason to my list, just whatever my favorite products are at the time!

Alexa (AKA Amazon Echo)

This robot/machine/speaker/angel makes me realize how lazy I am as a human. I was against the purchasing of Alexa at first, but now that I have her I don’t want to go through life without her. Sure, everything she does I could do on my cellphone. But it’s different. Being able to ask Alexa to play an exact song, turn up or down the volume, make me shopping lists, tell me jokes, (the list goes on people) makes me happy. Not to mention you just say her name, you don’t need to type anything in (because that is so hard). Forget about the world at your fingertips, Alexa is the world. Again, I am 100% admitting how lazy this sounds, and how lazy I am.

You can buy the Amazon Echo here.

Amazon Echo

Little Poppy Bows

I LOVE a good bow for Sophie. These are a monthly subscription that are sent directly to your house, you get 3 bows for $11.99/month. They have the sweetest patterns and they are appropriate for each season. Sophie has fine whispy hair, so it’s hard for me to keep bows in without her ripping them out, these bows have a little rubber/plastic guard on the clasp so it actually stays in her hair and she doesn’t try to rip it out. You can subscribe to Little Poppy Bows Here.

August little poppy bow
Sophie in one of her bows
little poppy bows
August bows


I am now two weeks in to HelloFresh. I cannot put into words how much I love this service. I recently did a blog post about my first box, you can check it out here if you have been debating ordering. Having to not meal plan, or shop for specific healthy dinners has made my week so much less stressful. I still go to the grocery store and pick out a few staple items but this has saved my family money, time and there is never any waste at the end of the week. Click here for $40 off your first box

HelloFresh Box

Batiste Dry Shampoo

My hair gets so greasy you could fry a chicken in it on a hot summer’s day. That’s disgusting, and false, but… it might actually work. I have been going through a really hard time with hair loss lately, and the more hair I lose the greasier it gets. I used to be able to go 3-4 days without washing it, but now on day two I look like I’m fresh out of the shower (but it’s not water). I’ve tried a million different dry shampoos, but one of my absolute favorites is Batiste. It doesn’t make your hair feel gross and dirty, it’s so light and my hair always looks better day 2 after I’ve used this. Get your dry shampoo here.


Nordstrom Split Neck Roll Sleeve Tunic (in white)

I was looking for a shirt I could wear casually with some jeans and converse, but I wanted to be able to dress it up and throw on some booties too. This shirt is super flattering for hiding that mommy-tummy and it’s comfortable and light. I bought mine from Banana Republic a few weeks ago but I’m not seeing it on their site anymore. I found one almost identical from Nordstrom, and they have it in several different colors and sizes. Click here for Nordstrom Tunic

Banana tunic

I feel like these favorites should come in a new mom/my-toddler-is-crazy-and-I-don’t-have-time-to-do-anything gift basket. I might be onto something…if I figure that something out I’ll let you know. Until then, enjoy the weekend and pass the wine!