Let’s talk about PAINT, baby!

I think I subconsciously always have some sort of song playing in the back of my mind. But truthfully, this song is fitting. Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad that may be. See what I did there? Let’s start with the “bad”. Does anyone really enjoy painting their house? I’m going to go with no because when I have a big painting project everyone seems to be busy with literally anything else. Can I blame them? Nope. However, If you are one of the few that enjoy painting, you’re welcome to come over anytime. I still have a few rooms that could use a fresh coat. Regardless, if you’re like me and despise it, I’m going to give you a little pointer: JUST DO IT! It is one of the biggest transformations you can do to a room. It’s also fairly inexpensive, and something you can do yourself. Bribe friends with pizza and beer, you may be able to recruit someone. Or tacos. I would consider helping for tacos. Every home my husband and I have lived in, we’ve painted. It doesn’t matter if we were only there for a year, or three years. A year is still a long time to look at walls that don’t make you happy.

living room dining room paint
The living room and dining room with the same paint color in different lighting. (Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter)

The first home my husband and I bought had all green walls on one level, yellow on another, and the master bedroom was the brightest royal blue you could imagine. Unfortunately for my husband I was pregnant when we moved into that house, so he painted every room, every hallway, every inch of wall space. I watched marathons on netflix “to stay away from the fumes”.

Sean painting master
Sean painting over the blue in our old house. (Color is Valspar Filtered Shade)

I got what was coming for me. When we moved into our new house, almost doubled in size, the walls were all yellow again. Every room and hallway was a different shade of yellow (except one of the bedrooms was green). We used a POD to move our belongings so we had a few days of it sitting in our driveway before it was scheduled to be picked up. I insisted that we had to paint before all of our furniture was moved in, so we had two days to get it done. Sean ended up having to work after our closing, which left all the painting to this gal. My mom and sister-in-law were here to help with my daughter and unpacking some small things, so I wasn’t completely thrown to the wolves like Sean was. My mom and sister-in-law taped pretty much everything in a few hours (which honestly is worse than painting to me). In two days I had completely finished painting our main level. My furniture wasn’t moved in yet, but It instantly felt like home.  

house before.jpg
Current house before we moved in. One of the many shades of yellow.
Living room after 2
Living Room After (Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter)

I wanted to paint light neutral colors that would make each room brighter and easy to add color elsewhere. I chose Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter for the majority of my downstairs. I couldn’t have picked a better color for my living or dining room. There is a bay window in both rooms and the light that pours in through them is gorgeous! The two rooms are open to each other but the paint looks very different in both rooms. My dining room has more beige hues and the living room tends to look more grey. The beauty of greige strikes again. My home is semi open-concept so I stuck with Revere Pewter in my kitchen and sitting room as well. There is one big window in the kitchen that lets in a good amount of light, but it is still much darker than the other rooms in the house. Had I waited a few more days to paint the kitchen/sitting area I probably would have picked a different color. I still like the turn-out, but I do think a lighter shade would have looked better.

kitchen before.jpg
Kitchen/Sitting room before we moved in
sitting room
Kitchen/Sitting area (Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter)

My bedroom is my favorite place to be. We have the most beautiful view of the Chesapeake Bay right through our bedroom doors. I wanted a paint color that was light and soft so it would have a welcoming but romantic feel. I also love fun printed art and wanted to make sure the prints would pop against the walls. We ended up going with Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist. I think this color has become my favorite of all time. It makes me happy to see every time I step foot in my room.

bedroom paint
Master Bedroom (Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist)

For my daughter’s nursery I wanted really soft colors; white, blush pink, grey, gold. At first I wanted to paint her walls a ballet slipper/blush pink color. I loved how pretty it looked in pictures and it just so happens to be my favorite color too. I had a weird feeling I would end up hating it and chickened out. I ended up finding a really pretty grey that was light enough, but not too light. The color is Valspar Filtered Shade. It looks amazing against her white curtains and accents. I ended up finding a blush pink rug to get my pop of color in there, and honestly, I love her nursery so much. I wouldn’t change anything about it for now. (I’ll keep my fingers crossed that she asks for a pink room when she’s older.)

Baby girl nursery
Nursery (Valspar Filtered Shade)

If I could offer one piece of advice it would be DO NOT turn a home away because of paint! It can look scary walking into a house with bright walls or colors you dislike, but try to see past that! I truly believe it won’t feel right to you until you get to work and paint those walls. (If you’re renting, some landlords may restrict painting, but usually they are pretty lenient as long as you prime the walls back to white.) When deciding on colors, a good place to start is to Pinterest so you can see what they look like in other people’s homes. It’s hard to walk into a paint store with nothing in mind and randomly choose a color. It might end up working out, but chances are you will regret it. The color you see on that tiny little sample will look much different when it is on all of your walls. You need to do some homework and research several different colors. Bring some samples home and paint it against your trim and furnishings to see if it will tie together.

Here are some of my favorite paint colors:

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist
Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist
Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter
Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter
Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray
Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray
Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray
Sherwin Williams Alabaster.jpg
Sherwin Williams Alabaster
Sherwin Williams Repose Gray
Sherwin Williams Repose Gray
sherwin williams silver strand
Sherwin Williams Silver Strand
Valspar Filtered Shade

I’d love to hear about your favorite paint colors and how painting transformed your room! Leave me a comment and let me know!

One thought on “Let’s talk about PAINT, baby!

  1. Funny, I am new to blogging here, just about a week. I have just started doing videos of do it yourself renovations. I use to be a professional house painter and I see where help is needed for do it yourselfers. When you mentioned the taping I decided I should let you know I have done a video on how to paint without using masking tape lol! Just thought I’d let you know. The paint job you did looks fabulous. At least you use an extension handl instead of standing on a chair and rolling with just the roller cage. Great job! and great choice of colours!


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