Welcome to my house!

Does anyone else have the Flo Rida song stuck in their head now? I’m sorry, I’ll try to get back on track. How about home decor? Decorating makes everything better! This is something I have been passionate about for as long as I can remember. I was probably the only middle-schooler on the block who rearranged their entire bedroom once a week. Over the years my style has drastically changed, but I’ve finally found my happy place. I LOVE a good coastal palette, I love simplicity, and I love the feeling of a clean airy room. I tend to lean towards neutrals when decorating because I find them easy to tie everything together. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good pop of color, but man does the perfect greige put a smile on my face.


My husband (Sean) and I bought this house last August, we are only a few months away from living here for one year! I can’t believe it! We’ve already made so many memories in this home with our daughter, I can’t imagine living anywhere else. When we were house hunting this was the first, and only house we saw. We fell in love immediately and knew we had to live here. We put in an offer that day, and the rest is history.


The house needed a few cosmetic changes, nothing a little paint and elbow grease couldn’t handle! I started posting before and after pictures of my home to social media. Before I knew it, friends and family started reaching out asking for my opinion or help with their space!  I can barely get my one year old to eat a meal, so it blew my mind that people were asking for my help.

Living Room Before After
Before and After of my living room

living room decor

Whenever I begin designing a room I draw it out with a good ol’ fashioned pencil and paper. I map out where all the furniture, decor, paintings, rugs, etc. will go. I’ll redraw the room several times to see what will fit the space best. It’s really crazy how these little drawings actually bring a vision to life, and the turn-out is usually spot on. I’ve been using this advanced technique since my middle-school rearranging days, I think it’s here to stay. There are still some unfinished rooms in my house that I am slowly tackling, but life seems to get in the way these days and it’s taking a lot longer than usual. Sean and I are in the middle of a small renovation in the master bedroom. We’re closing off a sitting room to make an office/ small guest bedroom. We started about a month ago and we (Sean) will work on it for about one hour every Sunday. We’re clearly determined to get it done ASAP.

master reno
Master Reno

Of course I have a never ending honey-do list (Sorry Sean), but i know things will get done eventually. I’m pretty darn content while I’m waiting for it all to be completed.

master deck sunset
Deck off the master


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